High Temperature & Pressure Reactors


  • Batch or flow through operation modes to create high pressure and high temperature environments, for studying reactive transport under more “real” conditions.
  • Work with mini Hassler core holders for in situ X-ray computerised tomography


Pressure: 1 to 300 bar
Temperature: room temperature to 200 oC
Gas flow rate: up to 150 ml/min
Fluid flow rate: up to 10 ml/min


We have a few working systems with customised, interchangeable modules. A system typically consists of a high pressure syringe pump for gas pressurization (Teledyne Isco, NE, USA), a gas mass flow rate controller, an HPLC pump for fluid transport (SSI, PA, USA), a Hastelloy C-276 high pressure vessel (Parr Instrument, IL, USA) with glass or PTFE liners, a footless magnetically driven stirrer and a temperature controller.

Typical applications include simulating geologic carbon storage conditions and hydrothermal oil reservoir environments.

Phase diagram of CO2 (Ben Finney Mark Jacobs)

We also have a portable reactor set that we bring to the synchrotron radiation facilities across the world for in situ measurements:

Evolution of chalk microstructure in a reactive flow field, recorded using in situ X-ray tomography (FOV: 2×1 mm2)
Four dimensional tomography data (sample size: Ø0.9 x 2 mm, over 48 hours)

Contact: Y. Yang