– A Package to Determine the Petrophysical Parameters from the Nanoscale

Evaluation of the potential of oil reservoirs by traditional methods is slow and extremely expensive. P3 is focused on developing methods for evaluating the potential by imaging the nano- and microscale structure of tiny rock samples in three dimensions and from these digital 3D images of the pores in the rock determine how much oil that is hosted and how permeable the rock is, i.e. how fast fluids can flow through the rock.

The project is a collaboration between Maersk Oil and Gas A/S and groups at the Department of Chemistry, the Niels Bohr Institute (Joachim Mathiesen and Brian Vinter) and the Department of Computer Science (Mads Nielsen).

Project Coordinator: Susan Stipp
Project Leader: Henning Osholm Sørensen
Funded by Innovation Fund Denmark, Maersk Oil and Gas A/S and the University of Copenhagen