Principal Investigators: Knud Dideriksen and Thomas Just Sørensen

pH and redox conditions are two of the most important variables for understanding reactions in aqueous media. However, in situ measurement of pH and redox potential is far from straight forward using traditional electrodes. Optical probes based on fluorescence overcome the most critical limitations associated with electrodes. An optical probe for in situ measurement of pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) has already been developed by Thomas Just Sørensen for low temperature systems. We hypothesise that the probe can be developed further, so that it can be used for measuring pH and DO in injection and production wells. This would significantly improve the quality of the data that forms the basis for modelling of corrosion and scaling in the petrochemical and hydrothermal industry. The aim of this project is to 1) modify the optical probes for in situ, real time measurement of pH and DO by grafting them to ends of optical fibres, 2) test their performance over time, and 3) assess their suitability for use in production and injection wells