Creating the technology for safe, long term carbon storage in the subsurface

Project Coordinator: Edda Sif Aradóttir, Reykjavik Energy, Iceland

Principal Investigators at KU: Susan Stipp, Jonas Olsson and Knud Dideriksen

CarbFix was an European Council Collaborative Project with five partners: Reykjavik Energy, CNRS Tolouse, University of Iceland, Amphos 21 and University of Copehangen. In the project, we demonstrated that CO2 could safely and rapidly be injected into basalt, where the dissolved gas transformed to calcium carbonate (calcite) as basalt dissolution increased pH and released Me(II) ions to solution. Calcite is stable, meaning that the CO2 is immobilised over geological time scales. Injection of mixed gas with both H2S and CO2 resulted in formation of iron sulphides in the injection well. This indicates that immobilisation of H2S is particularly rapid in basalt. To supplement the field study, a range of experiments were performed in the laboratory.



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