Sepideh S. Hakim

PhD student
MSc. in Nanoscience, University of Copenhagen.
Office: C 120,  H. C. Ørsted Institute,


I am a member of X-ray tomography team in NanoGeoScience group. My project is to study the surface and bulk characterization of chalk. I use X-ray reflectivity to investigate the interactions of organic compounds with the calcite surface, and X-ray micro-tomography to study the porous morphology of chalk in rock-water- CO2 system.



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  • Frølich S., Sorensen H. O., Hakim S. S., Marin F., Stipp S. L. S., Birkedal H. Smaller calcite lattice deformation caused by occluded organic material in coccoliths than in mollusk shell. Cryst. Growth Des. (2015), 15 (6), 2761-2767.
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