Knud Dideriksen

Associate Professor

Contact via mail or phone+45 30 13 44 99

Office: C112

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My research is focused on fundamental understanding of material structure, morphology, formation and reactivity to increase our comprehension of nature. I am particularly interested in 1) the behaviour of iron oxides and their role in redox reactions when Fe(II) is present, and 2) the formation of CaCO3 solids

Where possible, I apply the knowledge to the environmental and technical problems faced by our society. This includes demonstrating rapid CO2 sequestration as solid CaCO3, generating knowledge for safer disposal of radioactive waste, development of reactants for immobilisation of heavy metals and predicting scaling in oil wells. In addition, experiments can at times be coupled with studies of stable metal isotope behaviour, yielding results that can be used for reconstructing past environments.