Kim N. Dalby

Dr. Kim N. Dalby

Associate Professor
Office: C 120, H. C. Ørsted Institute

I am an Australian who loves exploring the chemistry of natural materials such as rocks and minerals. My current role as lead scientist for cryogenic FIB-SEM in the NanoGeoScience group helps feed my passion for imaging materials in 3D. I want to know how micro- and nano-scale chemical and physical structures influence reactivity over larger areas in natural porous materials. To further this type of science, I have PhD students working on the P3 and METAL-AID projects. You can read about my current Bachelor and Master’s projects here.

I also like to collaborate with scientists from the National Art Gallery and the Department of Cross Cultural and Regional Studies. Here I am interested in how rocks and minerals were used by artists and civilizations centuries ago.

I am also very interested in scientific communication. I want to help scientists communicate their results clearly to the general public, which is why I teach Scientific Writing. Communication comes in many forms, so I am also involved in ARTiS, a platform for scientists to use the beauty in their data to engage with the public. Finally, I want to help scientists and industry partners communicate more effectively, and so I help organize events within the Young Investigator Network.

And when I am not in the lab, I can be found rowing at Scandinavia’s oldest rowing club.  I row in boats specially designed for catching waves in the ocean- coastal boats. Our races are usually held in the open ocean, over a 6 km course involving at least 6-10 turns.  In 2017 my team placed 11th in the women’s coxed quad World Championship event, where I competed for Denmark.