Karina Krarup Sand

Assistant Professor, PhD

Office: C 116, H. C. Ørsted Institute
Phone: +45 20732494

PI of Kat-TrapIronbug, ElectroBug.

Interactions between organic molecules and mineral surfaces are vital for many forms of life and biomineralising organisms are superior in controlling mineral growth. The controls they use are deceptively simple (e.g. ions, polymers, electrons), however, when we seek to mimic such interactions e.g. for bioinspired approaches to materials design and synthesis, we are hindered by the lack of knowledge about the underlying molecular-scale mechanisms these polymer-mineral interactions rely upon. I am particularly interested in obtaining quantitative insight into the underlying mechanistic parameters that essentially control the polymer-mineral interactions.

I am an experimentalist and use in-situ molecular- to macro scale studies and my research is currently focused toward to i) understand how organic polymers influence the thermodynamic barriers for mineralisation and ii) obtain quantitative kinetic and thermodynamic bond parameters describing the polymer-mineral interactions.

My long-term ambitions are to upscale my nano-scale insight on biomimetic mineral reactions to address some of society’s problems such as scaling, atmospheric CO2 levels and remediation.

Publications: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-0720-7229

I am currently working on

Kat-Trap: Using a biomimetic approach to enhance trapping of CO2 into carbonates (geologic CO2 storage).

Artificial nacre

CaCO3 biomineralisation

Prebiotic RNA polymerization

Ironbug: Influence of biofilm in iron oxide formation and development of approach to obtain absolute bond parameters from mineral-polymer interactions.

ElectroBug: Engineered electron transfer between microbes and iron oxides