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The CarbFix project in The New York Times

Journalists from The New York Times were present during the drilling at the CarbFix site in Iceland. In October and November last year scientists from Iceland, USA, France and Denmark collected drill core samples looking for carbonate minerals.

The CarbFix project aims at storing CO2 as solids in the basaltic subsurface of Iceland. CarbFix is a pilot field experiment in which a mixture of CO2 and water was injected into a basaltic rock formation. This carbonated water dissolve the basaltic rock, releasing divalent cations such as Ca which combine with CO2 and water to form carbonate minerals. The CO2 was supplied from the Hellisheiði power plant located in southwest Iceland. Samples were collected before and after the injection. In collaboration with other research groups, the NanoGeo group is currently trying to identify the carbonate minerals formed as a result of the CO2 injection.

The New York Times published an article with a video called “Burying a Mountain of CO2”.



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